RC laser

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The most iconic dinghy in a radio controlled model.
Play and taste the joys of navigation and regatta. Rig in 5 minutes.
Nothing to do, ready to Run, all-inclusive product ready to use, no tedious assembly, no electronics to install, no parts to manufacture.
No arms race is a monotype.

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The range of use is multiple:

Leisure for adults or children, student or company regatta, open house entertainment, during a boat show, in a club to learn the rules of the race or put in a tactical and strategic situation.

The first Pack with B sail is sold complete, ready to sail, without battery.
Hull, keel, rudder, transceiver (installed), cover transport, storage cradle, rigging (mast + boom + sheet, fittings) with sail B.

The keel and the rudder are snap-on (without screws!). The sail has a scabbard and slides on the mast, the gooseneck of the boom ensures the connection with the mast. You just have to attach the sheets via the quick fixing clips, put the batteries and go ...

Shell amp; one-piece polyethylene deck
Two-part carbon mast
Polyester composite film sails

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