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ALBATROS 3,2 118

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Albatros 3.2 - Balz Müller

The new Albatros 3.2 shape, developed with Balz Müller, makes it easier to take off and keep the unrivalled stability of the previous models.
The new straps and foil placements and the ultra compact shape provide a perfect balance on the water and in the air.
The new bottom shape make touchdowns smoother.
For the first time worldwide, we are offering a 36l that allows you to practice all your favourite sports: wing, surf foil, surfing, kite foil and pumping.
Your creativity will be the limit !

Length : 5’10 /180cm Width : 31 ½ /80cm Volume : 118L

Sold with Cover, 3 straps, leash

One Board concept

The Albatros 3.2 has been optimised with Balz to suit his extreme practice and with schools to remain ultra accessible for everyone. You just have to choose the size!
The Albatros is ready to follow you into the waves (up to ~ 1.80m) in case of lack of wind.


Progressive rails that make touchdowns smoother without creating any imbalance.

Bottom shape

Flat at the back for better glide and reworked the double front concave for explosive take-offs and relaunches.



New rocker reworked in combination with the new bottom shape to make take-offs easier and relaunches ultra smooth.

Compact shape

Thanks to its unique mb-outline, the Albatros' shape is extremely compact and guarantees great stability combined with a minimum of inertia in flight.


Deck shape

Lowered deck for more stability and responsiveness when riding your board. Rounded top rail for better volume distribution and strength.

Gore-tex vent

Automatic regulation of internal pressure. May bubble when regulating pressure.
Check the screw tightness before the first ride.
Vent control (pdf)



Our boards are delivered with our new straps:
- Ergonomic shape
- More control
- Ultra comfortable
- Lighter weight
- Adjustable with different holes and asymmetric pads

Straps installation (pdf)

Metric strap inserts

Easier to use



Our boardbags are practical, beautiful and they protect your board. They come with every board.

Surf strap option

Central position of the front strap for surfing.


Foils boxes

Double US cases specifically reinforced for foiling.
Indication of the influence of the different placements of the foil.

Waist leash

Our boards are delivered with the mb waist leash.

  1. Deck pads medium EVA 4mm
  2. Bi-axial carbon fibre (2 layers on deck, mixed glass/carbon on bottom shape)
  3. High density PVC sandwich on deck
  4. Glass fibre under the PVC
  5. Closed cell EPS core
  6. Specific high density PVC reinforcements and US foilstyle compatible double box