Mirage Itrek 14 duo

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Here is the all new Mirage iTrek 14 Duo 2021! This tandem inflatable pedal kayak has been redesigned with construction improvements for increased durability and less weight for easy transport.

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The iTrek 14 Duo is powered by two MirageDrives with Glide technology and patented Kick-Up fins.
Its new design takes comfort to a new level with breathable nano-mesh fabric seats fitted with cup holders.
The new vibrant colors are very noticeable when you are on the water with your family.
Enjoy it all, fishing or hiking, your tandem kayak is at the top for a multisport adventure that lasts all day.
The iTrek 14 Duo comes with a rolling storage bag

Powered by the MirageDrive GT Kick Up:
The MirageDrive pedals replace the paddle. Thanks to the work of more powerful muscles, kayaking becomes easier and more efficient than ever.
Inflatable floor "Drop Stitch":
"Drop Stitch" refers to a method of construction which allows very high inflation pressures. Thousands of fine wires connect the top and bottom of the floor, counterbalancing the air pressure during inflation. This gives the structure remarkable rigidity (and increases performance) without increasing its weight.
Storage bag with wheels:
Designed for convenience with a handle of extension, a high-pressure hand pump and a large-volume electric pump, for quick and easy transport, storage and inflation.


  • Length: 4,17m
  • Width: 1,2m
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 20,4 kg
  • Fully Rigged Weight 33,1 kg
  • Capacity: 272 kg
  • Drive: MirageDrive GT Kickup

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