Hobie Pro Angler 17T

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With its innovative multi-position seating system for two fishermen, the 17T is the king of the Pro Anglers series.

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Whether the Vantage XT seats (raised) are positioned in tandem one behind the other (guide position), face to face (ideal for frying), or in single (so much more space), all three rudder handles cover all possibilities. The rod holders at the front and rear can accommodate up to 12 fishing rods - it gives the thrill! Special locations for accessories are scattered on an H-Rail over 20 feet long. Each fisherman can stand comfortably, and each cockpit is equipped with a large rectangular chest comprising a system of swivel accessory boxes. There are even additional spaces under the seats. The rear platform can accommodate a 12V engine battery, a cooler or a case to carry even more equipment. Now available with the retractable probe holder, which protects the sonar from impact and retracts for transport.

  • Length 5.18 m
  • Width 1.1m
  • Weight of the hull 84 kg
  • Total weight 104 kg
  • Capacity 408 kg
  • Rotomolded Polyethylene