One design rigging pack

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In order to support the development of the Techno 293 OD one-design class, BIC Windsurf has developed four One Design rigs for young riders to race in the widest possible wind conditions. They represent the best compromise between pumping efficiency in low winds and performance in planing conditions.

These are the best engines today to win a Techno 293 OD one-design regatta. They have also been chosen by the class as the only official rigging on all international Techno 293 One Design competitions.

5.8 m² pack, 6.8 m² pack, 7.8 m² pack, 8.5 m² pack.

Reference 102572


Main advantages of these rigs:
- An ultra wide range of use. By varying the tensions at the tack and listening point, these rigs can adapt to a maximum of conditions.
- A maximum profile placed at 40% from the front, offers the best compromise between speed in weak wind and control in stronger wind. - The configuration of 6 slats + 2 cambers offers the best compromise between lightness and performance.
- A very stable profile for ease and control in strong winds
- A tension strap at the point of tack to optimize the settings
- The X Ply reinforcements placed on the tension / friction zones, the very resistant mast sleeve and the reinforcements on the slats allow it to withstand intensive use in racing and training.