Combinaison de plongée Superwarm® X Yulex pour femmes

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The updated X range features the most innovative sailing suits available on the market, delivering ultimate performance in a sustainable way. The SuperwarmTM X Top is enhanced with cutting-edge technologies including graphene-infused fleece, which increases its thermal warmth and the temperature range in which it can be used. Yulex® foam replaces traditional, environmentally harmful neoprene without compromising performance. Featuring market-leading materials for added elongation and abrasion resistance, the wetsuits offer superior maneuverability and durability, while their updated 3D body mapping provides greater comfort.

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Reference DTP-1180-W-GRY-M


  • Yulex natural rubber
  • Graphene-infused heat-retaining lining for optimal insulation.
  • Aqua eco glue
  • GBS seam construction (glued and blind stitched)
  • Fully taped seams
  • Medium profile collar with a shaped and raw front for added comfort.
  • Embossing the signature on the elbows
  • Windproof
  • Heat reflection
  • 3DA body fit
  • Super 4-way stretchSuper
  • Anti-flush wrist seals
  • Quick drying
  • Glued and blind stitched
  • Fleece moisture wicking
  • Taped seams
  • Ideal for cold conditionsIdeal for cold
  • conditions
  • 3-2mm insulation
  • Yulex natural rubber insulation
  • Eco glue

The SuperwarmTM X Top is at the cutting edge of sailing wetsuit technology.
It prides itself on a unique combination of advanced design and environmental sustainability. Yulex® natural foam gives this neoprene-free wetsuit all the performance you expect from the SuperwarmTM X range, with a durable base. The suit's quick-drying fleece lining also contains heat-retaining graphene, to provide the best possible thermal insulation and comfort. With the advanced elongation properties of our neoprene, we provide enhanced flexibility and ease of movement.

Premium, quick-drying, graphene-infused fleece lining maximizes comfort and warmth on the water while minimizing drying time between uses. Thanks to its natural hydrophobic properties, it repels water, allowing the suit to remain lighter when on the water, while increasing body heat retention. The thermal properties of graphene are superior to other interior liners because graphene heats up and stores heat faster than other materials.

Integrated Yulex® foam is made from tough plant materials derived from organic rubber sources. This product was designed to replace the toxic neoprene manufacturing process that was used to create most of the world's wetsuits for decades. With this natural alternative, all performance qualities are equal or exceeded, so you don't have to choose between performance and environmental impact on the planet. Yulex® natural rubber products provide optimal performance, are not subject to deforestation and are proven to be equal to or superior to neoprene and geoprene in all applications.

The clothing of the Zhik's X range have an improved fit with 3D body design and specific seam placement to increase comfort and mobility.