Fusion Sailboat plus

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Fusion Sailboat , Security, Stability and confidence building. Fusion is the innovative and modern solution for families and sailing centers.

He knows how to do everything, initiation, improvement, regatta, adult or child .

With these 2 5.25 m² or 6.45 m² Gv, its Spinnaker kit 7 m² , it will satisfy all of your members.

Fusion Plus complete boat with sail Gv 5 m ² not battened (rollable on the mast) without spinnaker kit.


The Fusion is the best currently available, modular with or without a jib. optional spinnaker kit.

• Removable jib and mainsail without slats - All weather navigation
• Pro mainsail - For more power and excitement!
• Spinnaker - For experienced sailors and racing
• Gv can be rolled up on the mast
• Pierced mast base that does not store water
• Hull with flat bottom, stable and fast

Large cockpit, deep and comfortable - Ideal for adults or children.
Modern style and design that catches the eye
Integrated handles front and rear
Makes it easy lifting and handling.

Durable, economical and practically maintenance-free,
• Easy to rig - Easy to straighten after capsizing
• High boom - Ease for navigation
• Secure mast with 180 ° locking
• Front and rear towing points

100% of owners satisfied

Technical characteristics

  • Length 3.6 m
  • Width 1.45 m
  • Mainsail area 5.2 / 6.45 m²
  • Jib surface 1.75 m²
  • Spinnaker area (optional) 7
  • Weight (approx.) 62 kg
  • Capacity 235 Kg - 1/3 team members