FLY Carbon

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The Fly’s wider tail provides unmatched acceleration and makes take-offs easier, while also offering more forgiving landings when jumping.
Its unique design caters to all riding skills and conditions, from entry-level riders to freestylers, allowing you to evolve your skills and progress.
With the Fly Carbon, you will find the perfect board as you evolve in the sport and unlock its true potential

  • Allround Performance / Freestyle.
  • Full Carbon Construction
  • Designed for Early Glide.
  • Incredibly stable.
  • Allround performance.
  • State of the art durability.
Reference V02FLC41


  1. Carbon construction
  2. Clean flat bottom for maximum glide & easy take-off
  3. Wider and flatter tail for more stability and maximum glide
  4. Sharp trailing edge for better release & superb glide
  5. Inserts for diagonal or double-screw footstraps
  6. Block rails for good touchdown recovery
  7. Softer nose shape for better sliding during freestyle tricks
  8. Concave deck for deeper stance and better foil feedback in manouvre
Modèle Volume Length Width Weight
FLY CARBON 4.10 70L 4´10´´ 24´´ x 4.1´´ TBC
FLY CARBON 4.8 60L 4´8´´ 22.4´´ x 3.9´´ TBC
FLY CARBON 5.0 80L 5´0´´ 25.6´´ x 4.2´´ TBC
FLY CARBON 5.2 90L 5´2´´ 27,2´´ x 4.5´´  TBC


Ultralight yet durable carbon sandwich composite construction. Carbon fiber layup around an EPS core wrapped with Multi-step vacuum process with extra layers around the rails. The foil track mounts and foot plugs are inserted in high-density closed cell PVC foam with additional reinforcement patches in key areas such as boxes, centre spine. It comes with a visible carbon matte finish.


The Vent allows air to pass in and out of the board, while preventing water from entering. Hassle free since it is factory-fitted and does not require any adjustment. No need to open and close. High volume sandwich boards are affected by extreme temperature changes.

To avoid damage a two-way vent is installed in the deck. Still avoid exposing your board to extreme heat and sunlight.

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