The eFoil is an innovative battery-powered electric surfboard that allows users to fly over the water silently and without emissions. Get ready to soar into a fascinating new world. We wish you many hours of fun with SiFly!

Powerful. Accessible. Versatile.

We set no limits to precision and efficiency in racing to provide the ultimate balance of quality, performance and value. From the largest board to specially curved wings, SiFly offers the most user-friendly eFoils on the market. Explore our product range to find a wide range of boards, masts and fenders, suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

40 km


120 mn

Ride time

2 H


Our Boards

SiFly Rider 6190 €
SiFly E 8390 €
SiFly Stella R 10 190 €

Advanced Board Architecture
Designed for effortless takeoff and planing, our boards feature anti-dive hull properties and an integrated mast base that minimizes drag during landings.

Custom hydrofoil geometry Meticulously designed and validated by CFD simulations, our hydrofoils feature custom geometry that improves efficiency and stability. Additionally, our integrated 8 kW Direct Drive motor provides instant torque response, quiet operation and improves drivability.

Intelligent battery technology
Our batteries are among the largest and use premium battery cells borrowed from German car manufacturers. Our intelligent battery management system ensures the highest level of performance and security, and enables market-leading cloud-based condition monitoring.

Seamless connectivity
Our eFoils are equipped with a WiFi modem and SIM card to ensure seamless communication between our servers and your boards. A GPS and array of sensors collect telemetry data, which riders can view via the SiFly apps after each session.

Commercial software
SiFly applications provide cloud-based monitoring that enables business owners to efficiently manage their lucrative assets. Track telemetry, download updates, time sessions, enforce power limits, place geofences, and set speed limits from anywhere.

Functional Benefits


- Powerful and durable 8 kW brushless electric motor
- Direct drive system for reduced vibrations and increased longevity
- Custom in-house designed high-efficiency propeller


- WiFi, Bluetooth and GPRS onboard for seamless connection and OTA updates
- SOS function
- GPS for accurate speed readings, session track records and theft protection


Rigid unibody fuselage, accommodating the electric motor


Interchangeable in-house designed and CFD analysed carbon-composite wings, optimised for everyone from complete newcomers to proficient foilers


2 mast lengths for easy learning or sporty riding


- Wirelessly charged
- IP68 certified waterproof casing
- Smart fall-off detection ensures the highest level of safety


44.8 Ah
58,8 V
40 km range


- GPS tracks visualisation
- Board setup
- Profiles and much more


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