Mât 105 VOLO

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Mast 105 – US BOX tuttle wing – windfoil race – freeride

Our products are designed and built with race performance in mind but at the same time to the comfort and user friendly for entry-level too.
Ease of Use
Any fly maneuver will seem easier than you might think.
Smooth Floating
The unique feeling of floating on the water is accentuated by the absence of noise or vibration and the smoothness of our design.

Reference 105M


The company was born from the passion and experience of years of competitions in the field of windsurfing and kite. We are a company of study and design of hydrofoil in the field of kite – windsurfing – wingfoil. We combined the experience of athletes with 3D drawing and fluid dynamics.

The founders Andrea Beverino athlete of various Olympic classes (windsurf-tornado-kite), Alessandro Aste (physical engineer- expert in cnc – windsurfing regatta) and Paolo Marcolongo owner of Carbonpres S.r.l. leading company in the production of carbon fiber hydrofoil, combined their racing experiences with 3D study and design.
The use of the best composite materials (high quality prepeg) ensure that the product is calibrated in every detail.