ILCA & Laser Bottom Protection Strips

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Adhesive protective strips for ILCA and Laser mast bottoms.
The Protect Tape protective strips are glued to the bottom of the mast to prevent wear on the bottom of the mast and the well.

This kit contains two plastic strips with an acrylic adhesive on one side.
This prevents excessive wear of the gelcoat on the mast foot
One is positioned at the bottom of the bottom of the mast mast, just above the cap.
The second is positioned at deck level.

Reference PML 001


Technical characteristics of the Teflon protective strips:

  • 2 Teflon adhesive strips
  • Uhmwpe (high molecular weight polyethylene) adhesive tape
  • compatible with all ILCA and Laser lower masts

Advice on using protective strips
If you stick these strips on a Radial mast bottom, which is slightly thinner in diameter, you will need to cut them by 1 to 2mm.
We advise you to check the length on the mast before gluing them.
You will then need to stick them on a clean and degreased surface.
Put your mast in the well and make a pencil mark.
You will thus have a good mark to stick the strip at the level of the top of the well.
Once glued, put tape around the Teflon strip to let the glue adhere to the mast.
Remove the tape gently after a few hours.