Kayak Outback DLX Hobie

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With this first major redeployment of the Mirage Outback For 10 years, Hobie has taken another decisive step in improving kayak fishing.
Whatever your favorite spots, this fishing machine is made for absolutely anything imaginable.

The widened deck offers a better platform and strategic points for sight fishing, with superior vision above, and multi-dimensional vision below thanks to the all new support of Guardian probe.
The new Vantage CTW seat is wider for better comfort.
Four molded rod holders, multiple H-Track mounts, and ample storage capacity let you keep all your gear close at hand.

Reference 8432949


  1. Powered by the MirageDrive 180: The MirageDrive 180 pedals advantageously replace the paddle. Thanks to the work of more powerful muscles, kayaking becomes easier and more efficient than ever
  2. FIN KICK-UP TECHNOLOGY with kick up system: The new patented Kick-Up blades provide the power to go anywhere like never before. Logs, kelp, shallows, rocks, no problem
  3. Everything you need at your fingertips. The Dual H-Track Deluxes with H-Rail offer the ultimate in mounting, customization and accessory organization. The EVA deck pads provide a padded support surface and sound insulation.
  4. Vertical rectangular hatch: The vertical opening of the trunk leaves more room for standing. Includes a bottle opener and mesh pouch.
  5. Redesigned bow: Piercing bow allows for effortless cutting through water, wind, wake and chop. The reflective bow graphics provide additional safety. Thevery large compartment makes storage easy and accessible.
  6. Rear storage area: Big adventures require a lot of equipment. These storage spaces with Bungee® tensioners ensure their safety.
  7. Guardian retractable probe protection. The retractable shield protects the probe in the event of an impact and retracts for transport. The integrated transducer holder allows side-to-side scanning for optimal sonar performance. Pre-installed through-hull cable plugs allow for quick installation of the fishfinder without drilling or gluing.
  8. Retractable rudder Integrated: Rudder locks into place when you need it and retracts on impact.
  9. Dual control: Bar control on both sides of the kayak.
  10. Large carrying handle makes transport easy while providing the ideal support for your GoPro.
  11. Power-pole ready: Pre-installed inserts to easily mount the Power-Pole*. No mounting plate is required.
Drive: MD 180 Turbo w/ Kick-Up Fins + ARC Cranks
Longueur: 12' 9" / 3.89 m
Largeur: 34" / .86 m
Capacité: 425 lbs / 192.78 kg
Vantage CTW Seat Capacity: 275 lbs / 124.74 kg
Poids de la coques accastillée: 85 lbs / 38.56 kg
Poids total gréé: 103 lbs / 46.72 kg
Construction de la coque: Polyéthylène rotomoulé
Height From Floor to Middle of the Kayak: 12.5” / 31.75 cm
Height From Floor to Tallest Point on the Kayak: 12.5” / 31.75 cm