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We heard the wishes of the users and created the PTR-6A V2 transmitter, which incorporates all the functionality of the PTR-6A but also benefits from new functionalities such as stroke, exponential or even adjustment. resetting the model memories. The PTR-6A V2 is undoubtedly the 6-channel programmable package on the market offering the most functionality in terms of its selling price and reliability.



In order to further extend the field of use of this set, we have also created the RX-8. This receiver offers 8 channels on universal connectors, but also permanently has a PPM type output whose polarity is left to the choice of the user (positive or negative by programming). This output, available on the \"BATT / PPM\" connector, allows for example to directly control a MultiRotor control center. Better yet, it now allows wireless schooling with virtually any brand of master transmitter *. The PTR-6A V2 then becomes a student transmitter compatible with transmitters of other brands *. Finally, this PPM output allows you to use the PTR-6A V2 to control wireless PC simulator *. * The cords connecting the PPM output of the RX-8 to the Master transmitter or to the PC are not supplied and depend on the brand of the device. Pro-Tronik PTR-6A V2 radio (stroke adjustment) Programmable 6-channel radio type AIRPLANE / GLIDER (no helicopter mode at the moment) Direction and stroke adjustment for each channel, as well as DualRate and exponential function. fine tuning of the mainsheet. Aircraft mixtures (delta, ailerons and V-tail) 2.4GHz FHSS not compatible with other brands. Extremely reliable and secure. Switching from MODE 1 to MODE 2 by switching a simple switch without dismantling anything. Channel 5 by three-position inter and channel 6 by two-position inter. Easy-to-read backlit screen, with automatic shutdown after a few seconds of use. Timer available. Digital trim on the 4 channels of the sleeves. 8 model memories available with the possibility of naming models on 4 characters. Approved emission power. DSC socket for schooling / simulation. Wireless training compatible with most brands on the market *. Power supply by BATTERY 4.8V 800mAh NiMh delivered as standard (ref: 4080F) offering an excellent autonomy of about 10 hours (LiPo power supply possible as an option). Retractable antenna and handle. Light transmitter with excellent ergonomics, robust and sober material.