O'pen Skiff / Open Bic

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A modern and planing hull.
The Open Skiff has breathed new life into the world of sailing with a new concept close to the most modern and fastest Skiffs.


The rigging is made up of a 4.5 m² sail with a windsurfing-type sheath mounted on an epoxy mast and an aluminum boom. Designed with a slight luff circle to open the chute, it is fully battened and made of transparent monofilm. The tackles with which it is fitted allow it to be adjusted efficiently and to keep control of the boat in a wide spectrum of conditions. The 3.8m² Dacron sail was designed for clubs. It can be rigged on the mast and boom of the 4.5m² monofilm rigging.

Technical characteristics

  • Length 2.75 m
  • Width 1.14 m
  • Main sail area 4,5 / 3.8 m² span>
  • Load capacity 155 kg
  • Weight (approx.) 45 kg
  • Capacity 90Kg - 1/2 team members
  • Recommended ideal weight 30 to 65 kg
  • Shell material Thermoformed polyethylene
  • Drift, saffron Epoxy

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