R 151 Cata

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R 151 Cata road trailer for catamaran, often copied never equaled,

Fully adjustable strong point (axles, arms, mat holder)

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Available in several versions depending on the length and weight of your catamaran

Without registration card

-R 151 CATA PTAC 320 kg Payload 200kg

-R 301 CATA PTAC 450 kg Payload 300 kg

-R 351 CATA PTAC 499 kg Payload 350 kg

-R 501 CATA PTAC 650 kg Payload 450 kg

-R 551 CATA double PTAC 750 kg Payload 500 kg

Supplied with

-Adjustable front mast door

-Rear mast door

-Jockey wheel

- Plate of lights

Optional spare tire

Metal trunk options:

-COFFER 2.45 dimension 2.45X0.48X

-COFFRE 2.95 dimension 2,95X0,67X

-COFFRE 3.30 dimension 3,30x0,67X