10'0'' Breeze Cross TAHE

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Ideal for

Initiation and stroll on flat water. Fitness, Yoga, fishing, family practice Beginners and intermediate level practitioners, clubs and schools.

In summary

An accessible, light and efficient board on flat water for practicing Stand Up Paddle with durable equipment. Strong and lightweight Ace-Tec construction.

This very stable board is intended for initiation, family fun, fitness, yoga, fishing or any SUP activity. The unique “hybrid” design of the Beach Cross has the following advantages: a bowed nose to better pass the chop and guide the board, a large volume on the rails for increased stability and a deck surface wider and a lower waterline to increase glide.

On all Beach Cross models, numerous anchor points allow you to attach accessories.

Reference 106856


Thanks to its Ace-Tec construction, the Breeze is a rigid paddle with structural reinforcements which allows it to glide very well.

The 10'0" Breeze Cross comes with:

  • 1x 10'0" Breeze Cross Board
  • 1x FSCII CONNECT Touring 9’’ removable spoiler


  • Slightly bowed nose: More directivity and better glide.
  • Thick rail and well-distributed volume: Increases stability, allows you to use the entire deck surface and keeps feet dry. li>
  • Ace-Tec manufacturing: Both strong and lightweight
  • Six deck attachment points: Transport and security of on-board equipment.
  • Rounded rear : To facilitate changes of support and tight turns.
  • Flat deck Ideal for easy family walks, fitness and yoga.
  • Pad over the entire deck surface (Fit/Adventure/Fish) Comfort and full anti-slip. : very useful and effective for fitness, Yoga, fishing and family games.
  • Ergonomic handle: Easy carrying
  • Maximum user weight for good stability: 130 kg
sup 10' Breeze


  • Breeze range
  • Length 11'0" / 335 cm
  • Width 34.0" / 86 cm
  • Volume 260 L
  • Weight 35 lbs / 16.0 kg
  • Max. weight recommended 285 lbs / 130 kg
  • Ergo-Grip Handle Type
  • Single US Box fin configuration
  • Fins supplied FCS II CONNECT Touring 9"
  • Product type Rigid - thermoformed
  • Ace-Tec technology
  • Country of manufacture France


  • 1 - Deck pad / 2 & 10- Thermoformed plastic layer (ASA) /
  • 3 - Surface veil in fiberglass fabric 50g/m2 / 4 & 8 - Fiberglass fabric 200g/ m2
  • 5 - 200g/m2 fiberglass fabric with reinforced patch for stress areas
  • 6 - Glass mat 200g/m2
  • 7 - Molded polystyrene loaf, density 20 kg/m3
  • 9 - Glass surface veil 50g/m2

ACE-TEC technology
Thermoforming on polystyrene core

Products manufactured: SUP and Windsurf

  • Waterproof molded polystyrene foam core, light weight 15kg/m3.
  • Fiberglass reinforcement for increased rigidity and performance.
  • ASA polymer coating for unrivaled durability and impact resistance.
  • Embossed EVA foam deck pad for maximum comfort.
  • Molded exterior inserts.
  • No water penetration into the hull, maximum strength.