Raptor Launch 5'8''

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The RAPTOR Launch is one of the most promising projects in our wing foil range, opening the doors to wing foilers looking for a rigid board to get started and progress. Featuring ACE-TEC technology, durable and lightweight, this board is built to last. For the first time, the brand new "Seamless" finish and its invisible joint, offers unparalleled manufacturing quality for an Ace-Tec board.

The brainchild of shaper/designer Mark Raaphorst, the RAPTOR Launch is our brand new wingfoil board using our Ace-Tec construction. A challenge and a great first for Mark. The finished product is revolutionary. Maui's shaper is excited to open up wingfoiling to as many people as possible, whether you're new foilers, occasional sports enthusiasts, or intermediate foilers looking for a board with volume that stands the test of time. .

As with all of his designs, Mark has paid close attention to detail. The full nose and the straight tail ensure the stability of the board without sacrificing its performance. The placement of the foil at the rear facilitates control and the beveled tail facilitates take-off. Bevel rails add forgiveness when touching. The double US box allows a safer mounting of the foil, and the textured EVA "Diamond" pad offers excellent grip and good grip in the turns. The narrower placement of the foot-straps is ideal for controlling the foil during tight manoeuvres.

Ace-Tec "Seamless" SIC products are made in France, allowing us to control our manufacturing processes and control the materials used. Ace-Tec manufacturing is environmentally friendly with low energy consumption, includes the recycling of all of our manufacturing scraps, and does not emit polluting/toxic emissions. Our EPS cores are also manufactured on site and produce no waste during their manufacture. Our products are made to last, so we guarantee strong and durable boards.

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Key points and advantages

Ace-tec Seamless (AT) construction
For lightness yet strength and performance
Invisible seam
Setting the foil back and better volume distribution
For easy take-off
Double rail to install the foil
Mounting the foil and the plate secure and adjusted
Compact shape
Provides stability when paddling and when touching
Close straps
To fly easily and have a more responsive board underfoot
Diamond-groove texture eva pad
For comfort and non-slip with a kicktail that facilitates turns

Technical data

  • RAPTOR Launch
  • Max. recommended 220 lbs / 100 kg
  • Width 28'' / 71.1 cm
  • Thickness 5.2'' / 13.3 cm
  • Ailerons provided
  • Ergo grip type
  • Country of manufacture France
  • Length: 5'8'' / 172.7 cm
  • Aileron configuration: Double US box
  • Grip Type: ERGO UNDERCUT
  • Product Type: Rigid Composite
  • Technology: Ace-Tec
  • Country of manufacture: France

ACE-TEC Technology
ACE-TEC Technology consists of thermoforming an ASA polymer coating around a waterproof core of molded polystyrene.
Fiberglass reinforcements solidify the whole.
The EVA deck pad is comfortable and the exterior inserts are molded.
There is no water penetration into the hull.
Ace-Tec technology has an unrivaled lightness / durability ratio.

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