Pack Board + Foil v Board Rapto PRO 5,0 – SIC 5,0 X 25 - 80L

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+ Full Slash Carbon Foil Sic
+ Mat 90 cm
+ Front wing of your choice 1200 or 900 cm

The Wing Foil Raptor 5’0 board is optimized to achieve high-level flight performance, with minimum bulk for maximum aerodynamics.
It has a taut rocker to facilitate take-off and beveled rails which reduce the risk of snagging during touchdowns, when going upwind, during a jibe or during a radical turn. The inserts on the deck allow the addition of footstraps to perform powerful maneuvers or to send airs.
Key Points

  • Starlight construction.
  • Compact shape with rounded nose.
  • Profile bridge
  • Rearward foil placement
  • Location of the straps close together
  • Double rail for precise mounting of the foil
  • EVA Diamond-groove pad
  • Kicktail on pad

Manufacture: SIC Maui

Reference 108257