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The Slash range in carbon construction (mast and wings) is all about maximum glide, high-speed, and hard carving for those who want to push Wing Foiling to the maximum. Multiple versatilities for maximum customization according to riding styles

Ideal for

Intermediate and Advanced foiler's
For low drag, high speed foiling


NEW & innovative flipping central fuselage: allowing you to trim your foil performance simply by flipping the orientation of the fuselage. Adjustment towards manoeuvrability or pumping.



The Slash 1200 is provided with a 1200 cm2 Front Wing, 400 cm2 Rear Wing and 90 cm mast lenght as a High Aspect Ratio (7.9) for better glide and better speed, perfect for experts.

Flip fuselage =Two in One. This innovative fuselage allows the foiler two set-up choices within one component.
Facing the PUMP ARROW forward will create more distance between the mast and front wing, allowing for pump riding style, more lift, better stability, and control.
Facing the STEERING WHEEL forward will create less distance between the mast and front wing, allowing for maneuverability and aggressive turning.

Slash Foil is designed and configured with the finest materials available. The base and mast are constructed with military-grade prepreg carbon and the flip fuselage with alloy.

All front and rear wings, T-Bar, and fuselage are interchangeable, allowing optimum equipment fine-tuning to accommodate your weight, riding style, and riding conditions. The fuselage has slotted open ends for rapid installation and break down. It is also extremely durable over time.

High Aspect Ratio Front Wing Better glide and control, perfect for advanced foiler

Flip fuselage: Two in One Flip the asymmetrical fuselage facing the PUMP ARROW forward for pump riding style and control, facing the STEERING WHEEL forward for maneuverability and aggressive turning

Stab trimming +/- 1° Favoring lift vs. Speed

Carbon Construction Front wing 1700 cm2 - Wing. Rear Wing 400 cm2. Mast 75 cm .

DOUBLE TRACK BASE MOUNTING PLATE Giving you maximum adjustability fore and aft as well as the ability to shim your foil

MARINE-GRADE HARDWARE - TORX 8 MM Strong and corrosion resistant

PADDED CARRY BAG/COVERS For maximum protection

Code 108264Country of Manufacture China
Material CarbonMast Length 29 in / 75 cm
Mast Material CarbonFuselage Length 30 in / 77 cm
Fuselage Material Alu / CarbonFront Wing Surface 263.5 in² / 1700 cm²
Front Wing Material CarbonStabilizer Material Carbon
Stabilizer Surface 62 in² / 400 cm²Foil BoxPlate

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Sports with foils can be very dangerous and demanding on the body. Windsurfers should be aware that participating in sports of this type can lead to serious injury or even death. Read the safety instructions carefully before doing this activity. Users must integrate the risks inherent in board sports.

• Before going on the water, seek advice from a licensed or certified wingfoil instructor.

• Obtain certified first aid and rescue training to be able to provide first aid.

• Check the weather forecast just before you hit the water and be aware of the specific conditions of your body of water: wind direction and speed, tidal changes, dangerous currents and predicted weather changes. Pay particular attention to the winds and currents coming from land that take you away from secure areas. Never go on the water if the weather forecast is inappropriate.

• Never go out on the water alone. Always leave specific information about your outing with someone you know who is not part of your party: where you are coming from, where you plan to go, what time you plan to return and what to do if this person does not hear from you after the set return time.

• Never sail in waves or extreme conditions if you have not followed specific training for this practice and if you do not first master this board on flat water. Take lessons with a local club to ensure that your level of practice is adapted and if necessary to update your abilities.

• Do not practice on crowded spots and respect other riders. Learn and respect the rules of right of way and courtesy that apply on the water.

• Wear weather-appropriate clothing. Cold water and cold air can lead to hypothermia. Also protect yourself from the sun.

• Always use a leash that connects you to the board, as well as a leash for your kite. Note that a leash is not a rescue tool but only a safety accessory. It is not designed to compensate for a lack of swimming skills, or a lack of knowledge of the sea, safety precautions or common sense.

• Always wear a personal flotation aid approved in France and adapted to your size as soon as you move away from 300 meters, ideally of the impact vest type as well as a protective helmet.

• Always keep your kite hooked to you. It is a very important element for your propulsion and maneuverability and especially for your safety. An abandoned kite floating in the water can be dangerous for other riders but can also call for help unnecessarily.

• In the event of an accident, your board provides buoyancy that could save your life. Use it appropriately. However, this buoyancy will not compensate for poor swimming.

• Check your equipment before each use for signs of wear or brittleness. Do not go on the water if you detect a fault.

• Never exceed the maximum capacities stated in this manual and the suitable operating range.

• Consult your doctor before starting training and practicing board sports.

• Don't overestimate yourself and stay aware of your physical abilities.

• As with all floating craft, damage can occur and you should never go farther from shore than you can swim.

• If additional equipment is added to this boat, use only equipment approved by the manufacturer.

• Read this manual and all information available online.

• If you have any doubts about your ability to sail, the condition of your equipment, the weather conditions and the state of the water, DO NOT GO ON THE WATER! Seek advice from a certified instructor, your local dealer and try again when you're ready.

• Read the information folder carefully before using this product.

• Do not consume alcohol or drugs before using this product.

• Respect nature, the environment and all other users of the body of water.



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