Road base for launching Laser

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Road base for Laser launching. It allows the loading of your dinghy without having to carry it. For the whole range of ILCA, Laser etc ...
1 to 4 shells loaded in height. Additional stackable launch.

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Road base for galvanized, original boat launches.

The launching trolley slides on the roller located at the rear of the trailer, and effortlessly allows you to load and unload your ILCA, Fusion dinghy alone.

Finished the galley plan to put the boat on the roof of the car.

It can also transport several hulls with the nestable launching system (optional depending on the dinghy)

Economical, due to its low draft for the same number of boat than a 3-story trailer.

Sold with jockey wheel, spare wheel holder, spare wheel, mast holder, light plate.

- GVW 500 kg

- 450/10 wheel

The rocca 210 L is compatible with the original galvanized launching from Fusion, RS Sailing and laser.

ILCA Dinghy, Fusion Sailboat, RS sailing, laser.